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Over 30 Years Serving the Process Heating and Cooling Industry

Energy Efficient Equipment Suppliers and Consultants

“Plug and Play” Process Fluid Chilling and Heating Systems, Including:

  • Packaged Chillers- Air Cooled, Water Cooled and Evaporative Cooled, Complete with Reservoir and Pumps- Electric, Gas and Hot Water Fired.
  • Packaged Water Heaters and Boilers- Heat Recovery and Gas Fired.
  • Packaged  HybridTower Systems- Complete with Pumps and Reservoir.
  • “Booster” and “Free-Cooling” Heat Exchanger and Chiller Add-on Systems, Glycol or Ammonia for chemical or food process.
  • Distillery Glycol Chillers and Direct Ambient Cooled Wort Coolers.
  • Waste Heat Absorption Package Water Chillers.
  • Thermal Storage Systems, Complete with Refrigeration Package.
  • Long Term and Short Term Rental and Lease Systems.

New and Replacement Heat Exchangers and Systems, Including:

  • Shell and Tube Replacement Fluid-to-Refrigerant Evaporators and Condensers- Replacements for most popular brands.
  • Brazed or Frame Constructed Plate Exchangers for Fluid to Fluid and Gas to Fluid Applications, Turbine Generator Heat Transfer.
  • Plate Heat Exchangers for Bulk Solids, Plating, Distillery and Auxiliary Cooling/Heating Systems.
  • Exhaust Gas Heat Recovery Exchangers- Hot Air and Water Generation.

Surface Finishing Equipment, Including:

  • Plating Tank Heating and Cooling Systems with Chiller/Tower/Pump and Acid-to-Glycol/Water Heat Exchangers.

Liquid Storage Tanks:

  • Carbon, Stainless Steel , Fiberglass and Polymer.

Energy Efficiency Equipment Recommendations, Including:

  • Water Treatment, Material Handling and HVAC Chiller Solution Efficiency Recommendations from Our OEM and Industry Partners.

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